Our first priority is the safety of our employees, contractors, customers and other persons who may be affected by our business activities. Nothing we do is so important that it cannot be done safely, every time. We believe safety to be a foundation of our sustainable business success and that is why we continuously look for ways to improve our safety culture, systems and processes.

A core value

Safety-For us, Safety comes first

Safety is a core value for DCC. All businesses maintain appropriate safety management systems reflecting the nature and complexity of the risks in their businesses. Safety leadership and employee engagement are key focus areas to promote positive behaviours such as intervening when a situation is unsafe and recognising positive safety standards. The businesses work to continuously improve performance through risk assessment, procedural and engineering controls, training and learning from events.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is maintained though regular safety conversations, tool box talks, newsletters and other events on specific topics.

Safety first, the right choice, the right call

Safety F1rst is a brand used by many DCC business to support communication with innovative and high impact safety interventions.

Our performance

The risk of a catastrophic event arising from a failure in process safety at a fuel storage terminal within the LPG or Retail & Oil divisions has been identified as one of the Group’s principal risks. Significant time and resources are dedicated to ongoing improvements in process safety including the development of specific process safety leading indicators, process safety leadership training of senior executives and the implementation of an Operational Integrity Framework within these divisions.

Lost time injuries rates are a common metric to measure safety performance and are provided in the chart. Individual businesses and divisions use a range of business specific qualitative and quantitative (both leading and lagging) measures to maintain a holistic view of safety performance. For example, near misses, asset integrity metrics, leadership safety tours and learning from events are tracked are monitored to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.


Number of lost time injuries per 200,000 hours worked

X-axis Value Color
2017 1.6 #01579b
2016 1.7 #424242
2015 1.9 #424242
2014 1.7 #424242
2013 1.9 #424242


Number of calendar days lost per 200,000 hours worked

X-axis Days Color
2017 23 #01579b
2016 27 #424242
2015 39 #424242
2014 36 #424242
2013 42 #424242