Operating in a diverse range of industries, our businesses are subject to a number of different environmental legislative requirements covering waste, releases to the environment and operating licences.

Producer responsibility for waste packaging and waste electronic and electrical equipment is regulated in all EU member states and DCC businesses meet their obligations through membership of national compliance schemes.

The impact of spills and uncontrolled releases to the soil or groundwater is a particular concern to the oil businesses, both distribution and retail. Controls to maintain asset integrity, monitor tank levels and deliver products safely are in place to minimise both the likelihood and magnitude of spills. Where failures occur, effective clean up and remediation measures are implemented and lessons learnt are applied to prevent reoccurrence.

Energy and climate change

The global challenge of climate change continues to drive policy and legislation at international, EU and national level. EU member states have implemented various mechanisms to support the achievement of these targets including direct carbon taxes on fossil fuels, levies on operational carbon emissions, subsidies for generation of renewable energy and the requirement for energy providers to part fund investment in energy efficiency projects in the domestic market.

All subsidiaries report energy use data on at least a quarterly basis. This data is converted to carbon emissions with internationally available conversion factors and in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This information is used to comply with both mandatory reporting requirements (e.g. the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme) and to the CDP, a global initiative, funded by the investment community, which encourages companies to publicly report their carbon emissions and the steps they are taking to address the challenge of climate change.

The charts below show trends in absolute carbon emissions in the DCC Group and relative carbon intensity (on a per revenue basis).

X-axis On site fuel use Company transport Electricity
Bar Color #04417a #018abe #d1cfd0
2013 10 91 23
2014 11 92 24
2015 11 91 26
2016 11 86 23
2017 10 87 21
X-axis tonnes CO2e / £ revenue
Bar Color #04417a
Font Color #FFFFFF
FY2013 11.8
FY2014 11.3
FY2015 11.9
FY2016 11.3
FY2017 9.5

Carbon Reporting Criteria