DCC LPG - a leading liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) sales and marketing business in Europe, with a developing business in the retailing of natural gas.

DCC LPG operates in eight countries across Europe and has the platform to grow the business across Europe and beyond.


Entering the French LPG market – Acquisition of Butagaz


Entering the French LPG market – Acquisition of Butagaz

DCC’s largest ever acquisition (2015): Butagaz, a French-based LPG business selling to domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers.


Targeting oil to LPG conversions


Targeting oil to LPG conversions

Flogas Sweden worked with Svevia AB to convert their asphalt facility at Arlanda airport from burning fuel oil to LPG.


Customer Volumes

X-axis Value Color code
Commercial & Industrial 69% #70ad47
Retail 5% #4f2683
Domestic 23% #54bbab
Agricultural & other 3% #ff0000

Based on the results for the year ended 31 March 2017

Volumes by geography

X-axis Value Color code
Continental Europe 66% #ff0000
Britain 19% #0070c0
Ireland 15% #7030a0

Based on the results for the year ended 31 March 2017

DCC LPG operates in eight countries across Europe

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How we create value

  • Strong health and safety ethos, delivering potentially hazardous products safely and reliably
  • Passionate, experienced and committed team of people
  • Customer focused
  • Quality of service at competitive prices
  • Scale provides security of supply and ability to tailor contracts to customers’ requirements

Vision and strategy

DCC LPG’s vision is to be a global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of LPG and related gas products and provision of services to energy consumers:

  • with strong local market shares
  • operating under multiple brands;
  • selling a broad range of related products and services;
  • building a position in new geographies;
  • generating high levels of return on capital employed.

What we do – LPG

LPG for heating, cooking, transport and industrial / agricultural processes

DCC LPG supplies LPG (propane and butane) in both cylinder and bulk formats to commercial, domestic, agricultural and industrial customers across eight countries in Europe. DCC LPG is market leader in Norway, Sweden, joint market leader in the Netherlands and strong number two in France, Britain and Ireland.

The product is used where there is no natural gas grid for agricultural and industrial processes and for space heating, hot water and cooking. It is also used as road fuel (autogas), as an aerosol propellant and for powering fork lift trucks.

LPG strategy

Growth via

  • switching users of oil to LPG
  • promoting LPG as a domestic fuel for off grid customers
  • acquisition in new European and wider markets.
  • add on natural gas, electricity, renewables and LNG distribution in selected markets

Our LPG business operates under the following brand names:

Butagaz Butagaz is No 2 in France
FLO GAS Flogas is market leader in UK, Ireland, Sweden and Norway
www.flogas.co.uk, www.flogas.ie, www.flogas.no, www.flogasni.com, www.flogas.se
Benegas - www.benegas.com Benegas is joint market leader in Belgium
Gaz Europeen Gaz Européen is a specialist retailer of natural gas in France

For more information on our LPG business visit www.dccenergylpg.com