DCC Healthcare is a leading healthcare business, providing products and services to healthcare providers and health and beauty brand owners.

The business has a strong track record of growth, value enhancing acquisitions and high returns on capital. The business is well positioned to benefit from global trends in demographics, public healthcare policy, regulation, outsourcing and consumer behaviour.

Creating and sustaining market-leading positions in DCC Health & Beauty Solutions


Creating and sustaining market-leading positions in DCC Health & Beauty Solutions

Further enhancement of our service offering has strengthened our position as the leading contract manufacturer in the creams and liquids sector in Britain.


Growing our own brands in DCC Vital


Growing our own brands in DCC Vital

Growing the scale and breadth of company owned brands in the pharmaceutical and medical device areas is a key strategic objective of DCC Healthcare.


Sales by business

X-axis Value Color code
Products for healthcare providers: DCC Vital 25% #54bbab
Services for H&B brand owners: DCC H&BS 15% #3b9fff

Sales by geography

X-axis Value Color code
UK 25% #a2b447
Ireland 15% #f51e1e
ROW 15% #624a99

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DCC Healthcare sells a range of medical and pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers across all sectors of the healthcare market in the UK & Ireland from acute care through to community care and general practitioners.

In the health & beauty sector, DCC Healthcare builds partnership relationships with international brand owners, providing a range of specialist services including product development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging.

DCC Healthcare operates through two businesses: DCC Vital and DCC Health & Beauty Solutions with principal operating locations in Britain and Ireland servicing domestic and international customers. The majority of DCC Vital sales are in Britain and Ireland but sales to distributors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are growing. While DCC Health & Beauty Solutions operations are in Britain, more than half of products produced are consumed in international markets particularly in Continental Europe, USA and China.

Where we do it - Principal operating locations in Britain & Ireland

How we create value

  • Comprehensive sales channel coverage in the British and Irish healthcare markets across hospitals, retail pharmacies, GP surgeries and community care providers.
  • Broad range of own and third party medical and pharmaceuticals products.
  • Full range of contract manufacturing and related services for health and beauty brand owners from high quality facilities with strong product development capability and flexible, responsive customer service.
  • Cost-effective operations with scalable IT platforms.

DCC Vital – Supply Chain

Our suppliers - Third-party brand owners, Own brand / licence products. Our activities - Sales marketing and distribution, Portfolio development, Procurement, Vendor management, Supply chain management and logistic services management. Our customers - Hospitals, Pharma retailers and wholesalers,
Primary care (GPs and community care)

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions – Supply Chain

Our services - Product development, contract manufacturing and packing of health & beauty products. Our customers - Health & beauty brand owners,
Specialist health & beauty retailers, Direct sales / mail order companies


DCC Healthcare’s vision is to build a substantial healthcare business focused on the sales and marketing of medical and pharmaceuticals products and the provision of contract manufacturing and related services to the health and beauty sector. DCC Healthcare seeks to drive continued strong profit growth in tandem with returns on capital well above the DCC Group’s cost of capital.


DCC Vital

  • Accelerate the development of our portfolio of own products;
  • Drive growth in sales in Britain building on current relatively modest market shares and leveraging our strong sales channel coverage;
  • Maintain our strong broadly based market position in Ireland
  • Develop sales in new territories, initially through distribution partners.

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions

  • Continue to drive organic growth leveraging our high quality facilities, NPD and technical strengths and customer relationships;
  • Accelerate international sales development through investment in business development and NPD resources.


  • Expand product portfolio, new routes to market and manufacturing footprint and capability.

What we do

DCC Vital

DCC Vital markets and sells a broad range of own and third party medical and pharmaceutical products leveraging the most comprehensive sales channel coverage in the British and Irish healthcare markets covering hospitals, pharmacies, community care and GPs.

  • Broad product portfolio – own and third party brands / licences
  • Market leading sales channel coverage in Britain and Ireland
  • Strong regulatory capability – patient safety at the core of everything we do
  • Excellent IT and operational infrastructure

Product focus:

Medical – single use devices and consumables

Pharmaceuticals – niche generic products particularly in antibiotics, respiratory, pain management and hospital injectables.

Products for GPs – covering a broad range of products from diagnostics through to pharmaceuticals

X-axis Value Color code
Medical devices 36% #7fa06d
Pharma 35% #eea52b
GP supplies 18% #df6528
Logistics services 11% #003f87

Own brands and exclusive partners:

Fannin, Kent, Skintact, Williams, Bio-Rad, Carefusion, Cipla, CSL Behring, ICU Medical, Mölnycke Healthcare, Omron, Oxoid, Portex, Synergy Health, Stago, Siemens

Our future growth strategy is based on expanding our product portfolio, leveraging our sales channel coverage in Britain & Ireland, establishing international sales channels, together with continued acquisition activity.

To find out more about DCC Vital visit our website

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions


DCC Health & Beauty Solutions builds long term partnerships with international brand owners, providing specialist services including product development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging.

The business is focused on nutrition and beauty products.

It operates high quality, licensed facilities (GMP) and has an excellent audit record with the MHRA.

Its market leading customer service is built on the strength of its technical, regulatory and NPD capability.

Its broad British and international customer base comprises brand owners, speciality retailers and direct sales companies.

Sales by product category

X-axis Value Color code
Nutritional 25% #005b9c
Beauty 15% #7fa06d
Healthcare Creams & Liquids 15% #eea52b

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions business website: