Experienced hires

Our company is performance driven, entrepreneurial, and based on individual initiative.

We believe in recruiting the best people and giving them real opportunities. The diversity of our businesses offers a variety of exciting career paths. Search for opportunities under the headings below.


Sector Business Countries
LPG DCC Energy LPG All

DCC Retail & Oil

Sector Business Countries
Retail & Oil Fuelcard Services UK
  Certas Energy Retail All
  Certas Energy UK
  DCC Energi Denmark
  Energi Direct Austria
  Swea Energi Sweden
  Emo oil Ireland
  Emo oil Northern Ireland

DCC Healthcare

Business Countries
DCC Vital UK & Ireland
DCC Health and Beauty Solutions
Eurocaps UK

DCC Technology

Business Countries
Exertis UK
Exertis Ireland
Exertis France
Exertis The Netherlands
Exertis Sweden
Exertis Supply Chain Services Ireland, Poland, USA and China