Business model

How we create and share value

Our business model is highly cash generative and offers significant growth potential with high levels of profitability and shareholder returns on capital employed significantly ahead of our cost of capital.

We utilise our resources

The effective utilisation of our key resources is central to the successful achievement of our strategy. These key resources include:

  • People
  • Capital
  • Business partners
  • Facilities
  • Business intelligence
  • Products

In our chosen markets

We operate across 15 countries, in markets which display opportunities to create long-term shareholder value. The common attributes of our business include:

  • Market leadership positions
  • Operational efficiency
  • Strong, empowered management teams
  • Financial discipline
  • Cash generative

To create value

The key enablers in our Group which create value include:

  • Focus on cash generation and ROCE
  • Consistent strategic direction
  • Ability to identify, execute and integrate acquisitions
  • Talent development and retention
  • Disciplined capital allocation
  • Best practice in governance and compliance
  • Robust risk management
  • Strong supplier and customer relationships
  • Devolved management structure

To generate returns and add long-term value for stakeholders

Our business model generates returns and adds long-term value for all our stakeholders including:

  • Shareholders (share price growth and dividends)
  • Employees (salaries and employment)
  • Business partners (enhanced customer service and supplier relationships)
  • Governments (taxes and levies)
  • Local communities in which we operate

And for reinvestment and acquisition

The highly cash generative nature of our business model enables:

  • Reinvestment in existing businesses to drive efficiencies and further growth
  • Acquisition of new businesses through our ability to identify, execute and integrate acquisitions

Supported and underpinned by our core values

Our Group is built on foundations which guide how we act, make decisions, plan strategies and interact with our business partners and stakeholders.

DCC Core values: Safety - For us, safety comes first; Integrity - our business is built on trust; Partnership - we are stronger together; Excellence- driven to excel in everything we do