DCC Healthcare

DCC Healthcare is a leading healthcare business, providing products and services to healthcare providers and health & beauty brand owners. DCC Healthcare sells a range of medical and pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers across all sectors of the healthcare market in the UK & Ireland from acute care through to community care and general practitioners. In the health & beauty sector, DCC Healthcare builds partnership relationships with international brand owners, providing a range of specialist services including product development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging.

Sales, Marketing and Distribution to Healthcare Providers

DCC Vital markets and sells a broad range of own and third party medical and pharmaceutical products to hospitals, pharmacies, GPs and other healthcare providers in Britain and Ireland.

DCC Vital is involved in the development, manufacture, marketing and sales of generic pharmaceuticals for the British, Irish and international markets. Its portfolio comprises solid dose, injectable and inhaler products across a range of therapy areas including beta lactam and other antibiotics, pain management, respiratory, haematology, anaesthesia, addiction and emergency medicine.

DCC Vital has a particular focus on beta lactam antibiotics including penicillin V, flucloxacillin and amoxicillin, which are long established antibiotics typically used to treat bacterial infections such as throat, ear and respiratory tract infections. DCC Vital is the market leader in these products in Britain and also operates a specialist beta lactam manufacturing facility located in Roscommon, Ireland.

DCC Vital is the product licence holder for half of its pharma revenues. The business works with leading branded, generic and contract manufacturing pharma companies such as Actavis, Cipla, Grifols, Martindale Pharma, Rosemont and Teva. DCC Vital sells into the hospital and community pharmacy channels and has strong relationships with the leading retail/wholesale pharmacy groups and independent pharmacies in Britain and Ireland. It also sells to other generic pharma companies and international distributors.

DCC Healthcare’s strategy is to develop its pharma activities through expanding its portfolio of own licence products in existing and related therapy areas whilst maintaining strong commercial relationships in the markets in which it operates. DCC Vital has a strong platform for further product in-licensing and bolt-on acquisitions in the pharma sector.

DCC Vital sells and markets a broad range of medical devices and consumables in areas such as wound care, electrodes, diathermy, critical care (anaesthesia, endovascular, cardiology, and IV access), minimally invasive surgery, diagnostics, as well as the full range of consumables and equipment used by GPs. These products are typically single use in nature.

In October 2015, DCC Vital strengthened its offering of own branded surgical products through the acquisition of Espiner Medical, which develops and manufactures a range of speciality tissue retrieval bags for use in laparoscopic surgical procedures. Sales of capital equipment represents a small element of total sales and typically relates to generating future sales of consumable products, for example, the sale (or placing) of diagnostic testing equipment in order to drive sales of the consumable test kits used with the equipment. DCC Vital represents leading medical, surgical and diagnostics brands including BioRad, Carefusion, Diagnostica Stago, ICU Medical, Mölnlycke, Omron, Oxoid, Roche, Siemens and Smiths Medical. Sales of own brand products now account for more than a third of DCC Vital’s revenues from medical products.

DCC Vital has the most comprehensive sales channel coverage in the British and Irish healthcare markets selling into the hospital, retail pharmacy, GP and community care channels. The acquisition of Williams Medical Supplies in 2014 significantly strengthened DCC Vital’s market coverage and has enabled the business to provide a holistic approach to addressing the requirements of each sector of the healthcare market in Britain. Following this acquisition, DCC Vital is the market leader in the supply of medical consumables, equipment and services to GPs in Britain and has a growing presence in the developing community healthcare sector. DCC Vital services a customer base of more than 10,000 GP surgeries and other primary healthcare providers through a highly effective telesales and e-commerce based customer contact centre in Wales in addition to field based engineers and key account managers.

DCC Vital is also a leading provider of value added logistics services in Britain, providing innovative stock management and distribution services to hospitals and healthcare brand owners/manufacturers, focused principally on operating theatre supplies.

DCC Vital has approximately 200 highly trained customer-facing sales, marketing and customer support professionals who have strong relationships with senior management, clinicians and procurement professionals in the public healthcare sector (NHS in Britain and HSE in Ireland), major and regional pharmacy wholesale/retail groups and private healthcare providers. Leveraging the strength of its customer and supplier relationships and the breadth and quality of its product portfolio, in tandem with targeted acquisition activity, DCC Vital has built strong market positions including leadership positions in GP supplies, beta lactam antibiotics, electrodes and diathermy consumables in Britain and hospital supplies generally in Ireland.

DCC Vital principally operates in sectors of the healthcare market that are government funded. Fiscal budgets in Britain and Ireland have been restricted over the last number of years and, in common with the majority of developed economies, the burden of care, particularly to support ageing populations, continues to grow. Healthcare providers are seeking cost-effective solutions from their commercial partners. Public healthcare policy makers are increasingly focusing on shifting the point of care to the most cost-effective location which is typically away from expensive acute care settings to primary and community care settings. In addition, healthcare payers and providers are seeking to leverage their procurement scale through increased use of tendering, framework agreements and reference pricing. They are switching to equivalent quality, lower cost medical devices and generic pharmaceuticals as well as outsourcing activities deemed to be non-core. DCC Vital is very well placed to benefit from these trends.

Competitors in this market sector include global healthcare companies as well as a large number of smaller pharmaceutical, medical and surgical brand owners, manufacturers and distributors.

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions is one of Europe’s leading outsourced contract manufacturing service providers to the health and beauty sector with a broad customer base of international and local brand owners, direct sales companies and specialist retailers. DCC Health & Beauty Solutions’ range of outsourced services is focused principally on the areas of nutrition (vitamins and health supplements) and beauty products (skin care, hair care, bath and body). The service offering encompasses product development, formulation, stability and other testing and regulatory compliance, as well as manufacturing and packing.

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions operates five Good Manufacturing Practice (‘GMP’) facilities in Britain, four of which are approved and licenced by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (‘MHRA’). The business has capability across a wide variety of product formats (tablets, soft gel and hard shell capsules and creams and liquids) and packaging formats (pots, blisters, sachets, bottles, tubes, pumps and sprays).

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions has built a reputation for providing a highly responsive and flexible service to its customers and for assisting customers in rapidly bringing new products from marketing concept through to finished, shelf-ready products. The business has strong market shares in Britain, Scandinavia and Benelux and is building market share in Continental Europe, especially in Germany and Poland.

In September 2015, DCC Health & Beauty Solutions further strengthened its business through the acquisition of Design Plus Holdings Limited (‘Design Plus’), a British contract manufacturer of creams and liquids based in Lancashire, England. Design Plus brings specialist expertise in sachet filling (it is the leader in this market segment in Britain) and strong relationships with a complementary range of health and beauty brand owners and retailers in Britain, Continental Europe and the USA.

The market background for DCC Health & Beauty Solutions is very positive. Consumer interest in looking and feeling good is driving demand for innovative nutrition and beauty products. The trend for health and beauty brand owners to outsource non-sales and marketing activities (including product development) and to streamline their supply chains is a critical factor in driving demand in the contract manufacturing sector. There is also a general trend towards increased regulation and higher manufacturing standards in the health and beauty sector in Europe. These trends are favouring well-funded contract manufacturers such as DCC Health & Beauty Solutions which has the resources to invest in regulatory expertise and high quality facilities.

Our main competitors include Catalent, Aenova, Brunel Healthcare and Ayanda in nutrition and LF Beauty and Swallowfield in creams and liquids.

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