DCC Environmental is a leading British and Irish provider of resource recovery, recycling and waste management services to the industrial, commercial, construction and public sectors, operating in both the non-hazardous and hazardous segments of the market.

William Tracey Group restores blighted landscape


William Tracey Group restores blighted landscape

William Tracey Group is currently restoring over 1,500 hectares of former opencast coal sites at three locations in Scotland.


William Tracey Group converts a waste stream into a resource


William Tracey Group converts a waste stream into a resource

The new ‘circular economy’ in action.


Revenue split by customer

X-axis Value Color code
Industrial and commercial 71% #8eba61
Construction and demolition 17% #103e77
Public sector 12% #a5a7aa

Revenue split

X-axis Value Color code
Non-hazardous waste 59% #7fa06d
Hazardous waste 41% #7f7f7f

DCC Environmental

Where we do it: This year DCC Environmental handled approximately 1.7 million tonnes of waste through its twenty facilities in Britain and Ireland. Enva, Oakwood Fuels, Wastecycle, William Tracey Group SHANNON - No.1 - Ireland's leading hazardous waste treatment facility EDINBURGH - New Facility - opened in 2016

How we create value

  • Clear understanding of customers’ requirements.
  • Provider of innovative solutions for customers.
  • Respond quickly to opportunities arising from new regulations and changing customer needs.
  • Absolute focus on recycling / recovery without the distraction of legacy landfill assets.

The DCC Environmental value chain: Our suppliers:- Commercial and industrial waste, Public sector, Construction and demolition waste.  Our services:- DCC Material recycling facility.  Our outlets- Raw material for: manufacturing, energy, landfill. DCC Environmental's activities are highlighted in green


DCC Environmental’s vision is to be a leading recycling, waste management and resource recovery services business in Britain and Ireland.


DCC Environmental’s strategy is to:

  • Take advantage of the trend towards more sustainable waste management, with a particular emphasis on resource recovery and recycling.
  • Deliver superior value adding services to all its customers by way of a deep understanding of its customers’ requirements and the development of innovative solutions to their problems.
  • Align the business to support the transition to both a low carbon and circular economy through a focus on resource rather than waste, developing internal climate change expertise and continually improving its recycling capability.

What we do

Our business

William Tracey Group

Leading general and hazardous recycling and waste management in Scotland

William Tracey Recycling & Resource Management Group

  • 8 operational licensed facilities located across Scotland and North East England, with headquarters in Linwood, Glasgow.
  • Key services offered include:
    • Dry Waste: waste collection and segregation designed to maximise the value from recovered wastes and to reduce less economically favourable disposal options such as landfill
    • Recycling: recycles c.70% of total waste handled, including waste coming into its Materials Recycling Facilities (e.g. wood, plastic, paper, food and tyres)
    • Hazardous Waste: treatment and recovery of a wide range of both liquid and solid hazardous waste
    • Industrial Services: cleaning and removal of utilities waste and chemical residues
    • Land Services: processing and recovery of contaminated soils and aggregate materials; site restoration
  • http://www.williamtraceygroup.com/


#1 in general waste recycling in the East Midlands


  • Processes more than 450,000 tonnes of waste and material, of which more than 85% is recovered for recycling, on four sites based in the East Midlands
  • Key activities include:
    • Commercial & industrial and construction & demolition waste collection, recovery and disposal
    • Skip waste collection services
    • Production and supply of high-quality recycled aggregates
    • Production and supply of SRF/RDF
    • Wide range of other recylate outputs (e.g. wood, plastic, glass, metal)
    • Bespoke service offerings tailored to client requirements (e.g. gypsum contract)>
  • http://www.wastecycle.co.uk


#1 collector of waste oils from UK motor dealerships; #2 in waste oil collections in the UK

  • Offers a diversified range of waste services – “one-stop-shop” from waste oil activities to industrial hazardous waste

Oakwood… your total waste partner

  • Key activities include:
    • collection and disposal of waste oil and hazardous waste (e.g. waste oil, batteries, oil filters) primarily sourced from the automotive sector
    • processing and sale of processed fuel oil to the British market and sale of bulk waste oil to European re-refineries
    • collection, sampling and disposal of other hazardous waste, site clearances and interceptor cleaning services
    • supply of equipment (parts washers, degreasers, brake cleaners, spray gun machines) to garages, body shops and work shops
    • provision of general waste services to core automotive sector customers


#1 in hazardous waste management in Ireland+


  • 6 licensed hazardous waste facilities (4 in Republic of Ireland and 2 in Northern Ireland; total licensed capacity of c.226,000 tonnes p.a.)
    • Portlaoise facility is the largest licensed hazardous waste treatment facility in Ireland (total licensed capacity of 110,000 tonnes p.a.)
    • Shannon facility is the most advanced licensed hazardous waste treatment site in Ireland, also operating as a transfer station, with bunded storage and significant exports of waste via TFS (total licensed capacity of 34,000 tonnes p.a.)
  • Services include:
    • collection and treatment of waste oils and sale of processed fuel oil (“PFO”)
    • collection and treatment of packaged hazardous wastes
    • tank cleaning, drainage and interceptor services
    • treatment of contaminated soils, water treatment services and wastewater treatment services including plant optimisation, treatment of plant sludges and laboratory/testing services