Executive Directors

Tommy Breen, B Sc (Econ), FCA, was appointed Chief Executive on 27 May 2008 having been Group Managing Director from July 2007. He was previously Chief Operating Officer and has held a number of other senior management positions in the Group, including those of Managing Director of DCC's Energy, Technology and Environmental divisions. Mr. Breen joined DCC in 1985, having previously worked with KPMG. Mr. Breen joined the Board in February 2000.

Donal Murphy, B Comm, BFS, MBA, joined DCC in 1998. He was appointed Managing Director of DCC Energy in 2006 having been Managing Director of DCC Technology for a number of years. Prior to this Mr. Murphy was Head of Group IT. Mr. Murphy joined the Board in December 2008.

Fergal O’Dwyer, FCA, has been Chief Financial Officer since 1994. He joined DCC in 1989 having previously worked with KPMG in Johannesburg and Price Waterhouse in Dublin. Mr. O’Dwyer joined the Board in February 2000.

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